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Earn upto 30% on each successful refferal with lifetime commisions perks.

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take 5 minutes to sign up and confirm your identity.

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Receive generous rewards for every successful referral and track your earnings in real-time.

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Add value to your community by introducing them to the most Profitable Crypto trading Group, and get rewarded for your efforts.

Members can earn lifetime monthly earnings and create a new source of passive income while trading the markets.

Become an affiliate

Why Become an Affiliate?

Tiered Reward Program

Tiered Reward Program

Start with earning a 10% referral commission for each sale then get access to more rewards and offers as we grow our partnership.

you can earn upto 30% in refferal commision from just 3 refferals.

Special Refferal Discount

Special Refferal Discount

get a unique discount code that for your refferals that saving them money on thier memebrship to use towards thier trading.

Affiliate tools and Dashboard

Affiliate tools and Dashboard

get your own set of unique affiliate tools, custom dashboard and landing page to your own website so you can track all your referrals and manage your funnel.

Become an affiliate

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